Monday, April 25, 2011

Alien Invasion

Make sure you check out Deanna's new unit Alien Invasion Math and Literacy Fun. There are lots of fun lessons included and the alien theme will make learning super engaging for your students!! If you are working on adjectives, there is a great bubble map and writing activity. For all of the kinder teachers in my district, there is an alien non-standard measurement activity that would be great for practicing making length comparisons. There are activities for working on "ing" words and spelling short CVC words. These are great for word work or literacy stations. You will also find alien word problems, a creative writing activity, a fun alien to make, alien read aloud comparisons, and a pattern block graphing lesson. As always, you won't be disappointed with Deanna's unit!!

Here is a picture of the the fun alien you can make as part of the unit. I can't wait to do this with a group of students next week. I think they will have lots of fun with the alien read alouds and the creative writing activity.

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