Friday, March 18, 2011

Each of Us is a Flower

If you need a cute spring song to sing for something, Charlotte Diamond's Each of Us if a Flower is a great one. You can hear a sample at Each of Us is a Flower. It is from her CD 10 Carrot Diamond.

We shared facts about how flowers grow and what they need. Then we sang and acted out the song. During the chorus, the students "played guitar." They were so cute!


Jenn Bates said...

How adorable are they?! I bet the parents LOVED it. I love Charlotte Diamond.

Ladybug Teacher said...

Oh this is just the cutest thing!! Your class is adorable!

Ladybug's Teacher Files

Anonymous said...

How do you make them stay on the kids?

Mrs. Larremore said...

I stapled sentence strips to the back. I stapled the strip to one side of the flower in the back. Then I had the student put their face through the wholel in the flower and I fitted the sentence strip to the child's head, held it in place, and then stapled it to the flower. I hope this makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Yes it does make sense! Thanks!

Wendy Lee said...

So cute!!!! I love the song. My keiki love to sing so I'll teach them the song since we'll be studying plants this month.