Wednesday, February 2, 2011

President's Day

As President's Day draws near... I know you are all looking for some great ideas for teaching about the United States and presidents. Here are a few I found while searching today....

Brooke's God Bless America Making Words
Brooke also made a post in her 14 days of love that has a "Proud to be an American activity with it- Patriotic Cupcakes and writing activity.

Deanna's unit on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Fabulous in First Grade Proud to Be an American Unit on Teachers Pay Teachers.

First Grade Teaching President's Day Book.

Kindergarten Hoppenings President Activities.

Miss Knight's Chronicles Race to 100 President Game.

If you have created free downloads or posted something on Teachers Pay Teachers for President's Day, comment below so we can check out your resources.


lovetwoteach said...

I have a book on my site too. Here is the link. Don't laugh at the clipart, because I made it myself. ;) Here is the link:


smorss99 said...

I have a few things on my site for President's day.


Justin said...

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