Friday, February 4, 2011

Pigeon Silly Bands

I love Mo Willems!! Look what he has coming!! YES!! It is Pigeon bands!!

Go to Mo's blog to read more about them! What a great addition to anyone's treasure box or a fun way to end an author study on Mo!

Be sure to check out the newest Elephant and Piggie books while you are on Mo's blog! If your class writes Mo, he will write back and send some goodies with his letter.
Your class can write Mo at:
Mo Willems Fan Mail
c/o Laura Schreiber
Hyperion Books for Children and Pigeons
114 5th Ave 14th fl. New York, NY 10011

1 comment:

Brandy said...

Oh my! My first grade daughter and I HEART the pigeon (and piggie and elephant)! He just tickles us to no end no matter how many times we read it. And even though silly bands have been so passe for a couple years now, I'm pretty sure she might wear this one around the house.