Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowmen at Night

For the last two weeks, I have been using the book Snowmen at Night and Snowmen All Year to teach lessons in kindergarten classrooms. The 2 books are great for comparing. Today we used Deanna Jumps's how-to make a snowman idea from her unit. We worked as a class to make a giant snowman. Then we wrote how we made him using interactive writing on sentence strips. It was a great lesson to use for ordering events in math too. Tonight, I was searching around for a few more ideas to use with the books and I found these.

This came from Deanna's February page on her website. I love these snowmen!!

This great idea for using the book for a math lesson came from the January page of the Overall Success website.

I found these and just thought they looked fun!

Snowmen-In-A-Jar from Pleasant Home.

Snowman Milkshakes from Whisk: A Food Blog

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smorss99 said...

I just did those Snowmen at Night from Overall Success' website...they turned out adorable. I use 12x18 Math pages for our Memory Books.