Monday, January 17, 2011

Penguins, Expository Text, and Writing to Inform

I finally got the chance to purchase Deanna's penguin unit this weekend. What a great unit for incorporating the use of expository text and teaching children to write to inform. The "All About Penguin" book activity is a great way to introduce children to and give them practice in using the conventions of non-fiction texts. I also love her use of a schema chart from Debbie Miller's Teaching With Intention for charting new learning and misconceptions. As always, Deanna makes great use of thinking maps and graphic organizers in order to help students make connections and reinforce their learning. If you have not already purchased this unit, you should definitely do so!! Not only is it great for incorporating non-fiction reading into the classroom and teaching students how to write to inform, but the penguins make it so engaging and fun for young learners!!

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missrschultz said...

I bought it last week and have had such a blast working on it with my kinders! We started writing our table of contents today and we hope to finish writing the information tomorrow. The penguin covers way too sweet!