Sunday, January 30, 2011

Penguin Brace Map

Sorry that I have not been posting much lately. I am taking 9 hours this semester and one of my courses is an internship where I teach a masters course for credit....and it is all killing me.... and I really miss blogging all the time!!

This week, I taught a lesson on Penguins. I got the idea of creating a penguin Brace Map from Deanna's penguin unit.

I read a non-fiction book about penguins. Before reading, I told the students that our purpose for reading would be to learn what body parts a penguin has and why they are important. I found a great easy to read non-fiction book which talked about a penguin's wings being used for swimming, their tail and feet being used for steering, the bellies being used for sliding, and their feathers being used to keep them warm. After reading the book, I used a stuff penguin to help students review the body parts we learned about and why they are important to the penguin. Students got to stand up, hold the penguin, point to and name a body part, then tell why it was important. Then we worked together to create the brace map. When we were finished, students drew a diagram of a penguin and labeled its parts. We talked about diagrams and how they are used in non-fiction texts.


NYCecelia said...

We did something similar in first grade. When we did our brace map, we only put body parts that were integral to the survival of penguins.


Becky said...

Was this with kindergarten or first grade?

Mrs. Larremore said...

Ceclia- I love your idea.

Becky- I did this with a first grade class, but I did maps like this with my kinder kids all the time. You could use it with either. I was very organized in the way we made the map though. I had the pieces pre-cut and the kids came up with what to do and in what order. I have had the kids cut the pieces before too. They were given a piece to cut and then we all came back together and put the map in order. I hope this helps.