Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Primary Perspective: A New Blog!!

I am so excited to introduce you to a NEW BLOG!! A former teammate of mine has started a blog and you are all going to LOVE it!! Her name is Brooke Perry and she is a first grade teacher in Mansfield. We taught together for a couple of years and I always got such great ideas from her!! I am so excited to share her blog with all of you!!! She already has several units and activities you can download for free from her page.

Check out her blog at Primary Perspective

This is one of my favorite ideas she has posted!!


Chrissy said...

I started following! Thanks for sharing her blog, it's good to see what she is doing too! :)

Mrs. Pearce said...

Thanks for suggesting her blog! I love it!!

Tommy said...

Awesome Blog!

If you're at all interested in music, then you can visit mine at

Breaking Dawn said...

I would love to get few tips for pre schoolers attitude and how to deal with it. I have the Children's books about nature
as a guide too. I would love to have a book of this. Thanks!

Justin said...

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