Saturday, November 20, 2010


I used Kim Adsit's 5 Little Turkeys Lesson from her Thanksgiving unit and her Turkey Glyph Lesson this week.

For the 5 Little Turkey's Lesson- I read the book the first time just for fun. Then we reread the book several times so that students could act out the story. I used a white chef hat for the cook. After reading and acting out the story, I used a farm work mat to act out story problems as a whole group model. Each story had some turkeys playing and some hiding. We focused on making different combinations of the number 5. After a whole group model, I had students use their own work mat and 5 little turkeys to act out the problems themselves. Kim's unit has several options for recording sheets. She also has the pages for the 5 Little Turkey's book. After some practice, I had students make up some of their own story problems and share them with a partner.

The farm pictures for the work mat are not included in the unit. I added them for some additional support for the students I was working with.

the turkey glyph lesson-

The teacher turkey book is designed as a flip book. You flip the pages down for each question and Velcro the pieces on your turkey as a model for the students.

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Latte Mama said...

I always love the super cute clipart you use, but I really love the idea of acting out the story, what a great way to retell a story.