Monday, November 8, 2010

Some of my Favorite Posts This Week!

Here are a few of my favorite blog posts for the week.

Deanna's Fun With Owls Unit

First Grade Fabulous Boat Float

Bishop's Blackboard Place Value

Put Your Whole Self In S is for Six Sticks
The pictures from this activity are in a Smilebox slideshow, so I couldn't post them, but here are the instructions straight from the blog-

When Amelia was an infant my mom subscribed her to the Dr. Seuss book of the month club. When 6 Sticks came in the mail I knew it would be perfect for kindergarten. Since we are reviewing numbers 6-10 this week, I raided Amelia's book shelf and snuck it out of the house (she is not happy when I take her things to school!). We read 6 Sticks and watched as the mice came up with many different configurations to use 6 Sticks. The kids were very excited to get their own craft sticks and make a picture. It proved to be quite tricky to incorporate 6 craft sticks into what they wanted to make. I was fascinated to watch their individual planning process. Some drew a picture right away and fit the sticks into their design. Some played with the sticks first, glued the sticks down, and then drew the picture around the sticks. I gave each student the sentence 6 sticks make _______________. and I helped them fill in the missing words.

Put Your Whole Self In N is for Native Americans

Growing Kinder's Missing Mouse Game

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