Monday, November 8, 2010

Learning about Nouns and Verbs

Today, I modeled a lesson on nouns and verbs. I used the book Doing the Animal Bop. First we read the book just for fun and acted out the animal movements together as we read. Then we read the book and looked for nouns (naming words) and verbs (action words) on each page. We focused on the animal names (nouns) and the animal actions (verbs). We read the book again, still acting out the animal movements, but stopping on each page to find the noun and the verb. After this reading, the students took turns pulling a stuffed animal out of a big basket and naming it and telling something it does. For each animal, I had the students repeat back that nouns are naming words or words that name things and that the name of the animal is the noun and that action words are verbs and that the action the animal does is the verb.

If I had my own class of students, I would reread this book and have students create a tree map or a bridge map. To create a tree map, the heading would be the word "words" with a branch for "nouns" and a branch for "verbs". I would have students draw and label pictures to go in each group. To create a bridge map, the relating factor would be the animal and its action. I would have students draw and label pictures of the animals and pictures of the animals doing something. In both cases, the students would draw their pictures and then we would put them on the maps as a whole group.

The examples below are not nouns and verbs. They are just examples of a tree map and a bridge map so that you can make sense of my explanation above.

the Tree Map example

the Bridge Map example

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