Thursday, October 21, 2010

November Ideas

We played Roll-a-Turkey. This game came from The Little Giraffe's Site. You can print the game boards from her site.

We used a flow map to show the life cycle of the pumpkin.

Home/School Project - We disguised Tom the Turkey to Save him from becoming Thanksgiving Dinner. The book, The Night Before Thanksgiving is a great book to use to introduce this activity. We have also used that book to brainstorm "Save a more..."

Here is what my note looks like.

disguise a turkey note -

disguise a turkey.pdf -

We created a flow map about the first Thanksgiving.

We made lots of construction paper turkeys just for fun! They cam from the Making Learning Fun site and TLC Lessons.

Turkey Feather Addition

Turkey Feather Counting - We rolled a die to determine how many feathers our turkeys would have.

turkey turkey -

We presented a program to our families and friends about the first Thanksgiving. Lesson Plan SOS has a really cute program for sell- The Thanksgiving ABC's.

We learned about foods and created a food pyramid.

We used food stickers to compare sets of numbers.

Each day we tried a different "Thanksgiving Food". At the end of the week, we created a graph to show which one we liked the best.

We patterned on sentence strips to make Native American headbands.

As a home school connection activity, we researched Native Americans.

Compare fiction and non-fiction books.

We used Pixie to create pictures of Pilgrims and then we wrote sentences about them. The Indian corn is from a fall TLC Lessons book.

We made turkey headbands for our Thanksgiving Program.

We compared the way life is now to the way life was long ago using a picture sort.

long ago sort -

long ago sort labels -


Sass Class said...

I can't find the turkey download on Shari's website. Can you help?

Brit & Chad said...

I couldn't find it either! BUT! I googled roll-a-turkey and the pdf came up!

emily.epperson said...

We do a "disguise the turkey" activity but your template is so much cuter! Could you share where I might could fine it?

Mrs. Larremore said...

I fixed the roll-a-turkey and there should be a working link with it now. I made a mistake on which site it came from.

Also, I am going to scan my turkey this weekend and post the note that goes with it for anyone who wants to use it.

Julie said...

Do you happen to have the pictures from the long ago and today sorting activity saved in your files? I would love to have that if you do. Thanks for all the great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Would you mind explaining how you guys did the food sticker sort/number comparison activity! I would like to try it out but can't quite figure out how you did it :)

Thank you!

April Larremore said...

For the food counting comparison activity- the kids rolled a die to see how many food stickers they needed for each set. They counted out that many stickers and stuck them on their paper. Then they wrote the number and decided which was greater.

Beth said...

How did you create your First Thanksgiving flow chart with the class? Did you have students make each of the pictures or did you have those premade and they helped put them in order and write the missing words?

Mrs. Larremore said...

For the Thanksgiving flow map, I had the pictures already made. I have made whole group thinking maps before where I worked with kids in small groups to make the pictures that we used. In this case, I would have had the kids make the pictures first so that we could sequence them all together. Or if you wanted to make more than one flow map, you could have students make the pictures in small group and then have them work together to create the flow map.

Glamorous Life Coach said...

Hello. Can i get a copy of the thanksgiving unit