Sunday, October 31, 2010

More November Ideas!!

Here are a few more November ideas I have used in the past.

I do not remember where I found this idea, but I used it a couple of years ago.

a funny bird pic -

a funny bird -

This is my favorite turkey song!!

albuquerque turkey -

Turkey Feather Addition- I posted this idea earlier, but here is the master that goes with it.

feather addition -

The kids rolled a die to see how many foods they needed in each set. Then they put that many stickers on their paper. Then they decided which set was greater. I posted this idea earlier too, but here is the master.

food counting -

I found these ideas last year so I am not sure where they came from

feather patterns -

handprint turkey -

pilgrim quilt -

Pattern Block Turkeys

pattern block turkey -

pattern block turkey 1 -

I found these ideas several years ago from Mrs. Pohlmeyer's Page. She no longer has a web site and I did not have any pictures from the pages my students made, but I was able to scan the pages I printed from her web site. The pilgrims and turkey came from TLC Lessons.

turkey book -

pilgrim book -

The Mayflower from TLC Lessons

I use the book Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving for this lesson. We talk about saving the turkeys and other things that people eat on Thanksgiving as part of family traditions. You can have the students draw turkeys or make construction paper ones.

Save a turkey -

the turkey from the Making Learning Fun Site

the Native American from the Making Learning Fun Site
I usually just make the face because it is so big.

This is a great book for introducing a discussion of what we are thankful for. We write predictable sentences: I am thankful for _________. You can make a class book with the sentences or a quilt.

Thankful Trees from Enchanted Learning

I found this from Kim Jordano's site. I couldn't find a picture from my class, so I am just posting her picture.

thankful bubble -

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