Sunday, October 17, 2010

lessonplansos units

I have gotten the chance to look over a few more lessons from lessonplansos and I wanted to share them with you.

I mentioned the Save the Pumpkins unit in an earlier post, but I wanted to mention it again. This is a great activity for creating a connection between home and school. Students buy a pumpkin, any size, and save it from being carved by creating a disguise for it. The unit comes with a note to send home, display writing cards, and a writing response page to the activity.

Another October lesson to use for Red Ribbon Week is Is it Candy or is it Medicine?. This lesson has students compare baggies of real medicine to popular candies. It shows them how many candies look like medicines and leads to a great discussion about drug awareness.

Go to Thanksgiving Celebration File to find a very cute turkey version of the Hokey Pokey and an A-Z story of the first Thanksgiving. This unit is perfect for a simple Thanksgiving program to share with friends and family.

Another great Thanksgiving idea is the Pilgrim and Native American Venn Diagram. The unit comes with Pilgrim and Native American cards for creating a venn diagram out of hula hoops as well as questions to ask the students about the two groups. Small student cards are included to make the activity more interactive by allowing students to hold up their answers to each question.

My last suggestions are for writing. The Writing Traits Bullet Point Posters, the Smart Writers Poster, and the Smart Writers Sticky Cards are great resources for writing in the classroom.

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