Sunday, October 3, 2010

How Heat Moves Experiment

This week I taught a science lesson from Deanna Jump's Simple Science Volume 2 unit. The kindergartners at my school have been learning about temperature, so I chose a lesson on how heat moves. The experiment showed how heat expands and moves toward where it is cold. We used hot water colored with food coloring and cold water to show the movement. The hot water moved upward through the bottles to the cold water. I used Sprite bottles the first time I did this experiment and clear water bottles the second time. You will want to use clear bottles because it is easier to see the colored water moving up into the top bottle where the cold clear water is.

Afterwards, I had the children pretend to be the hot and cold water. The "hot water" group moved fast and spread out amongst the "cold water" group. The "cold water" group moved slow and did not move far away from their original space. Acting the experiment out was another way to try and ensure that most of the children understood the concept.

Deanna has 2 volumes of simple science for sale on the Teachers Pay Teachers site. The site is down right now for maintenance, but there is a link on Deanna's home page. Both units have lots of great ideas on them.

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