Monday, October 11, 2010

Bat Ideas

Here are some great bat ideas from the I Teach K conference from the summer. They were sent to me by a blogging friend. At the bottom are some pictures from my classroom.

We read Stellaluna and compared bats and birds.

We had a tea party with Miss Spider. We tasted several different kinds of tea and made construction paper spiders.

I got this idea from the Kinder by Kim web site. The example below is from her site. The other picture is my students working on their spiders.

Students measured bat shapes using various objects.


Ambs said...

LOVE all the thinking maps!!!

Penny said...

Could you possibly sending me the words for your Bat- The ___ at book? I would love to create one for my daughter.


First Grade and Fancy Free said...

I love this. I feel so ready to teach informational text using bats now! Thanks for the ideas!

Just4Teachers said...

This is amazing!! Thank you for sharing. I've been looking for some new ideas for BATS. I love to do bats around this time of the I hit the jackpot with your post!!
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