Sunday, September 12, 2010

Take Home Book Bag

Melayne has a cute idea on her Under the Big Top blog for a take home activity bag. I have taken the information below straight from her site. This idea could be adapted for any theme or animal. I love the clown idea though!!

Mr. Clown went home today with one of our kindergartners!
When Mr. Clown comes to your house...
1. Write about his adventures with you in his journal.
2. Take a photo or two of you and Mr. Clown doing something FUN!
3. Read Mr. Clown's favorite books.
4. Brush Mr. Clown's teeth before bed.
And return the backpack with all the goodies inside the
following school day!
We know Mr. Clown will be on his best behavior at your home...
Enjoy his visit!!


Melayne Marchese said...

I will take a few pictures of some of Mr. Clown's journal entries so far...SO CUTE!! The kids love taking him home....over the weekends I let him go home with other people in our school. This weekend he is visiting our Assistant Principal and her family...he visits the librarian, music teacher and MORE. I think the adults love taking Mr. Clown home as much as the kids.....he has been to Iraq twice and even to banks with parents and gotten ID tags. He is a famous guy...he has even had his picture taken with the Texas Longhorn Cheerleaders! Thank you for featuring some of my ideas....that makes me feel pretty NEAT!

Mrs. Larremore said...

I love that you send him with different people besides just students!! Thanks so much for sharing!!