Sunday, September 12, 2010

Reader's Theater

On Friday, I had the privilege of attending a Tim Rasinkski workshop. The session was all about ways to effectively teach reading: from phonics to fluency. He named three components to reading fluency - accuracy in word recognition (word decoding), automaticity in word recognition, and interpretive and meaningful reading. He talked about research that supports the use of repeated readings of authentic texts and performances of these repeated readings in building fluency. Students must build fluency in order to increase comprehension of the text. Poetry and Reader's Theater were two very specific activities he mentioned. Below, I have listed several sites for reader's theater resources as well as some of Tim Rasinkski's products that I have personal experience with and know are worth their price.

Reader's Theater Resources:
The Reading Lady Reader's Theater Scripts
Reader's Theater
Reader's Theater Script- Click Clack Moo
Reader's Theater
Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays
Easy Reader's Theater Scripts
Reader's Theater Information

Tim Rasinkski Resources:
Fast Start for Early Readers
Fast Start Getting Ready to Read
Making and Writing Words: Word Families
Poems for Building Reading Skills

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