Saturday, September 25, 2010

Technology Ideas

If you are a kinder or first grade teacher in Texas, then one of your social studies TEKS is to help students understand and identify ways and examples of the uses of technology in the home and school, as well as describe how household tools and appliances have changed the ways families live, describe how technology has changed communication, transportation, and recreation, and describe how technology has changed the way people work. I saw this lesson on technology this week.

The teacher read the book Franklin and the Computer. Then they made a circle map showing the types of technology they find in their homes. Students ended the lesson by drawing a picture of themselves using technology and writing a sentence about the technology in their home.

You could also use tree maps to have students show technology in the different areas or a double bubble map or venn diagram to make comparisons between them.

A few other books you could use when teaching this TEK are:

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