Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bob Books Giveaway!

I am very excited about being given the opportunity to host a Bob Books: Sight Words giveaway. I have been a big fan of Bob Books since my oldest child learned to read. After such a great home experience with Bob Books, I started using them in my classroom with my students. They have been a valuable tool in helping my students learn to read. I'm looking forward to sharing Bob Books Sight Words for kindergarten and Bob Books Sight Words for first grade with TWO winners.

What are Bob Books?
From the #1 bestselling learn-to-read program comes two brand-new sets focused on learning and practicing Sight Words.

Sight Words are words that are recognized by sight rather than sounded out, in order to achieve reading fluency. They are the most frequently used words in the English language, and are often unable to read phonetically ("was", "are", and "out" are examples). Bob Books Sight Words feature the top Sight Words in two sets-one for Kindergarten and one for first grade- in order to allow parents and children to read, learn and practice easily and enjoyably.

Each Sight Words box includes 10 original books, 30 flashcards, and a parent guide. Soon your child will be saying "I can read the whole book!" (quoted from their site)

Be sure to visit Scholastic's site to find out more information about Bob Books. You can also visit The Bob Books site.

The Giveaway:
Two winners will receive:
A Bob Books lunchbox
Copies of Bob Books Sight Words: Kindergarten and Bob Books Sight Words: First Grade


* In a comment on this post, share with me (and my readers) about a way you have used Bob Books with your own children or in your classroom. If you have not had any prior experience with Bob Books, share an idea or activity for working with students on reading skills.
* Be sure to leave an email address along with your comment.
* Deadline to enter is Friday, August 27th at 11:59PM EST.
* Winners will be announced on Monday, August 30th.
* Contest is open to U.S. Residents only, sorry for any inconveniences!
* Winners will be selected in a random drawing.

Thank you to Scholastic for sponsoring this giveaway and making it possible for us to giveaway two sets of Bob Books!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I've never seen Bob Books before and I can think of many ways I'd use them in my Kindergarten classroom! I love finding new, exciting ways to teach sight words to my students and it looks like this would be a fabulous way to do that!! I would use them during reading group time, whole group sight word sorting activities and for individual student familiar reading! I hope I win!! Thanks for this great giveaway!

Karen Travels said...

Love this give away and cannot wait to see everyone's tips on teaching reading!

This year, in first grade, I videotaped our Reader Theaters! Then when the kids watched themselves on my computer, they judged how fluent or non fluent they sounded and made changes and worked harder! They loved it!

Janae said...

I have never seen or used Bob Books, but I’ve heard great things about them! I would be so excited to add them to my collection!

One of my favorite fall back reading games is SWAT. Whenever we have a spare 10 or so minutes, I write some words on the board and pull out the fly swatters. Depending on what we are learning that week, I write:
-spelling words (some right, some wrong - they have to swat the correct spelling of the word I say)
-words that follow the phonics pattern
-vocabulary words (I say the definition, they swat the word)
-nonsense words
-sight words
So many possibilities!

Sarah Cooley said...

I have never used Bob books, but I think they look really cute--plus, I love the name! The name actually gave me an idea for how I could use them in my classroom! I would get a Bob the Builder bag or box, place the Bob books inside with letter blocks and a plastic construction worker hat. The kids would use the words found in the Bob books to help construct words on the letter blocks! I would call it the Bob the Word Builder Center! I want to do this! I hope I win!!!


maryam said...

I have never worked with BOB Books and am very interested to use them with my children. Thank you for the opportunity!
One of the literacy activities I do with my students during literacy block is Making Words. This is a game that has a "secret" word (ex winter). The students are given all the letters of that word, not in the correct order though and try to think of 5-10 different words (depending on the groups' abilities) and several rhymes that can be made out of letters.
The rules of the game is that first you start by making small words, then more difficult words. The student who builds the word winter will get to come to the board and write his/her words on the dry erase board.
in, tin, win, net, wet
twin, went, wire, tire,
twine, winter
Then we sort the words we made. Each student groups the words by first their beginning sound (win, wet, went) then their rhyming words (in, tin, win; rent, went; wire, tire).
At the end, I give my students 2 new rhyming words and ask them place the rhyming words in the rhyme groups they belong, like tent, and thin).
Thank you for the opportunity!!!

Mrs. Heald's Room said...

As a kindergarten teacher for 20 years, I have used Bob books for my students who come into my classroom already reading or ready to read. The Bob books extend and enrich the state mandated curriculum. The decodable books provide immediate success and excitement for reading. The other students quickly catch the excitement and work hard to join into the Bob books phenomenon. We also use the words in the books for word family study, spelling, phonemic awareness, and to practice our rhyming word generation in preparation for the upcoming TPRI tests we give in Texas.
I am particularly excited about the Bob Books Sight Word sets. It is difficult to teach sight words as most do not follow phonics rules and there is not a series of books that will work on a particular sight word in a systemic sequential way. These books will give us this opportunity to practice reading those sight words so that they can transfer from short term to long term memory. Thank you for this opportunity!
Cyndy Heald

Tickled Pink said...

OOh exciting!

I teach first grade and my school has 1 set of Bob books for us to "share"! When I was able to snag some I used it for my low reading group. They were books that made them feel successful and were a good practice before starting to reading our decodable texts or books for all learners.

I would love to have my own set and not have to share! Thanks!


Melayne Marchese said...

I teach kindergarten and we use Bob Books so much for Phonics...most of the words can be sounded out phonetically. As new words are introduced we keep them on our "Bob Wall" use this wall while in the writing center and again for a resource during journal writing time. After our "Bob Wall" has about 25 words on it...we sort the words by letters in words, ending letters, word families, etc...and this sort gets bigger and bigger the more words we learn. The kids LOVE BOB BOOKS and so do I!

I have had a couple sets of the book for years...and they have been borrowed so much they are starting to look pretty worn. I would love a new set!

Chrissy and Nate said...

I have never used Bob Books (this will be my 2nd year teaching: still have LOTS of learning to do)! I will be teaching Kindergarten this year, but last year in my 1st grade classroom, we worked on reading skills by using poetry. Each week, we would have a theme poem. Monday, I would introduce the poem. Tuesday, we would echo-read as a class. Wednesday, we would read boys, then girls, kind of like a competition. Thursday, we would find word wall and rhyming words. Friday, they would receive their own copy of the poem, highlight/circle the word wall/rhyming words, and also create an illustration.

It was a great way for the kids to get familiar with the poem, then I would place it in our Poetry Center for them to put back in order (I cut it up on sentence strips) and to read with their partner.

We also HEAVILY discussed reading vs. memorization: sometimes with songs and poems, the kids aren't reading, they just have it memorized. By changing up the poem each week, it made practicing reading/word identification more meaningful!

caroline said...

Very exciting!! My kindergartners would love these--perfect size, easy to read, etc. WSe NEED these this year!

Mrs. Jordan said...

"Bob' was there when my Andrew (now a senior) and Emily (now a sophomore) began their reading adventures. Bob stayed with us through all those nights of reading practice. They are both still voracious readers...often caught in the middle of the night with flashlights and a good book that they just can't put down!
As a Kindergarten teacher, I made sure that Bob was part of my classroom. There were not any Bob books in my Kindergarten classroom when I moved in. A local insurance agent who volunteered weekly in my classroom to listen to readers noticed that there was a need for some new reading books and asked if he could help me with funding. Of course I was overjoyed to have his help and immediately ordered a full set of Bob books for my K class.
Bob is an important part in the lives of beginning readers and I would LOVE to have more!
Denise Jordan

Anonymous said...

This will be my first year teaching and I'll be in a Kindergarten language arts classroom! It's also a new school and therefore hardly any materials to use during teaching. If I had access to these sets, I would use a combination of both sets during small groups so that students could be challenged depending on their ability level. I would also share the sets with the other language arts Kindergarten teacher in my school so that all of the Kindergarten students could benefit.

Even though I have never had a chance to utilize Bob books myself, I used to be the kids specialist in a bookstore and hear so many great reviews that I would always show parents the Bob books section. I've even had parents come back in the store at a later time and thank me for showing them the Bob books. I would love to finally use them myself in my new classroom!

Anonymous said...

Oh... and my email address is I was so focused on my ideas that I forgot my email. Oops!

The Kimbrell Family said...

I have just a few sets of Bob Books in my kindergarten classroom. I use them with the children that are ready and we read them a few times together and then I send them home as "book buddies." They get to read them to their parents and when they come back we do another. They get so excited to take them home to share with their mom and dad. And getting to take "Mrs. Kimbrell's books" home helps inspire the other students to work harder!
I would love to have these new additions!
Meaghan Kimbrell

Alpha 1 Vann Clan said...

I have used Bob Books to teach both of my own children to read. They are great decodable books. They both helped greatly in teaching my children to read. I would love to use these in my classroom. Thanks, April!
Kim Vann

Mrs. Black said...

I love the classic Bob Books because each one focuses on a different vowel or spelling pattern. I like to pick them out for specific students that need a safe and comfortable read to strengthen weak spots in their decoding ability. I use a pocket chart for this and place one or two specially picked books for each student and change them weekly to develop fluency. I teach a developmental 1st grade class and I don't have the sight word Bob Books but I would love to add them to my collection! Fantastic blog Mrs. L!

Kathleen said...

I used the Bob books to help my 8 year old when she was in Kindergarten. She was a great reader, but it's so difficult to find books that are age-appropriate for Kindergarten, and have words that kids can easily decode. Scholastic makes the "theme" book sets that appeal to kids, but there are often so many words that are just WAY too difficult! I have the classic set, and I don't want to take it to my classroom because I know they would never come home, and I want to save them for my 3 year old! I haven't seen the sight word books before, but I would be very interested in looking at them and adopting them in my classroom!

Sara said...

I love BOB books as well. Unfortunately I don't have a complete set but just a few that I've acquired here and there. I use them with my lower end 1st grade readers to give them self confidence. I now have my own first grader, my son, who is a struggling reader, and I would love to have a set that I could not only use with him on his journey but to also use in my classroom with his peers.

SharonUF said...

We are starting to homeschool and my 2 are loving the first few we have read. It really won't be long before they are reading on their own. I can't wait to have them read them to me for the first time!

Shifra said...

This is my first year teaching, (kindergarten is starting next week!) and I'm starting from scratch. So, no, I've never used Bob books before, but I'd love to have the opportunity to! At this point I need any and all help- which is why your blog (and all the others, bless you all) have been a lifesaver! Thanks!!

Colleen said...

I used BOB books with my own daughters. I would love to have a set for my new Kindergarten class. I am moving from fifth to K so I can use more resources. Thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

I have been teaching for 10 years (4 years First grade and 6 Kindergarten). I am also a Mommy to two "very busy" boys ages 5 1/2 and 7. I LOVE the BOB books and have one set that I have kept at home. My summer rule was that each of my kids had to read a book (or several pages of a Chapter Book for my 7 year old) each night. In the beginning of the summer my little guy couldn't read more than the words STOP and GO. He thought that in order to go to Kindergarten he HAD to read his nightly book (I wasn't about to tell him he would go to Kindergarten even if he didn't !:) ) We sat with the same two BOB books every night for the first week. I was so sick of reading SAM and MAT but he LOVED that he could read them! After he had memorized the pages I would tell him that he was going to have a special quiz. I would ask him to find how many times he could find the word (________) in the book and he would go through it pointing to each word while I tallied them. He learned the words really quickly! We then moved on to several other books. He was excited because he could sound out almost every word easily which kept the frustration level (as a new reader) to a minimum. We would call Grandma and Papa and had my son read whatever book he choose over the phone...a huge motivator! We eventually were able to teach him to track the print with his finger (the sentences are short and sweet) and pointed out punctuation like the exclamation points in GO! BUS! The BOB books have been a huge hit in my house and when used on a regular basis made a huge difference in his reading ability. I would love to be able to use them with my incoming Kindergartners this year but don't have a set to use in school. Would love to be considered for this contest! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Forgot my email!


Susan said...

I bought my first set of Bob Books 16 years ago when I home schooled my children. "Mat" was the first book all of them read - and they were so thrilled. Now I use that same set with my first graders who struggle with reading. They are just so excited when they can actually read a book - and they read it over and over again. I am glad to hear they now have sight word books for first graders and would like to be considered for your contest! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I recently borrowed several sets of these from a neighbor to read with my oldest daughter who is entering Kindergarten. She's about to start working on the last set so I was looking for "what next." I noticed these sets in the Sept Scholastic catalog and thought of getting these! The sets my daughter has read have really helped her confidence and helped her to speed up her reading. I also like how they go to a higher level than most phonics readers.

Nanu57v AT

Tim, Allyson, and kids said...

Right now we are working through the new set of My First Bob Books with our daughter (age 3). We'd love to have these to use with her when she's ready.

a_heart4home at yahoo

Amy said...

I'd love to win these for my grandchildren. I used Bob Books to teach my own children to read and absolutely loved them. I was great how the new concepts were introduced so slowly as to never frustrate the reader.

spin_jbc at yahoo