Saturday, July 24, 2010

Poco and Pop

I have Poco and Pop highlighted as a product site I love, but I decided I would add a post about it. I have purchased most of the items for sale and love them all! My favorite is the Take Home Class Journals. I have used these for the last couple of years and my students absolutely LOVE them!! I also really like the monthly classroom stationary. I purchased all of my items through the Back to School Special.

a product description taken from the Poco and Pop web site:

Perfect for kindergarten and first grade and developmentally appropriate for all writing abilities, kids clamor for this motivating writing experience all year long! Children share exciting news that personally happens to them, like losing a tooth or getting hurt, by writing and illustrating in these specific journals.

Each set includes six colored covers, corresponding cover letters (explaining the intent to parents) and one page of reproducible awards. The cover letters are also available in Spanish. Titles include:

The Day I Lost a Tooth
The Ouch Book
The Birthday Book
Weekend Pal
The New Haircut Book
The New Shoes Book

product description taken from the Poco and Pop web site:

Encourage independent writing with Poco & Pop’s bestseller, the “Monthly Classroom Stationery.” Beginning writers are excited to practice their newfound writing talents, and are encouraged to write to one another and to you, their teacher! Each set contains twelve over-sized, colored stamps for classroom display and 26 black line masters, allowing teachers to run as much stationery as necessary. A postcard version and a fold-over card format are provided for each month. The stationery stamp changes monthly, helping to maintain the enthusiasm for the whole writing process.


traci527 said...

Thank you for sharing this website! I am a first year teacher and this is the kind of classroom resources I have been looking for. I think I will purchase the Back to School set!

Mrs. Larremore said...

I think you will be very happy with your purchase!!