Sunday, February 21, 2010


This weekend, I found out about VoiceThread. You can use VoiceThread to post slide shows of pictures with voice recordings. Other people can also comment on your comments and/or pictures in the slide show. VoiceThread is a great discussion tool. I want to try posting pictures of my students and having them record information about themselves to go with their picture. I think this will make a great slide show for open house. Students can also record information and their thoughts to go along with pictures of themselves involved in classroom activities and lessons.

Go to VoiceThread and view a voice recording and slide show of our cleaning pennies experiment. Go to VoiceThread.

Go to the VoiceThread home page to get started on your own video recording and slide show.

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Anonymous said...

I just learned about Voicethread too! It's such a neat way to get information acress! Let me know if you find any other ideas about using voicethread!