Sunday, February 7, 2010

President's Day

The week of President's Day, we study several of our past presidents and our current president. Here are a few of the things I do.

we make three cornered hats in honor of George Washington

We make a venn diagram comparing what we have learned about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We also make George and Abe using the same shape. Right side up is Abe and upside down is George. The kids like gluing the cotton balls on for Washington's hair.

George Washington from the TLC Lessons Winter Book

We try out different ways to clean dirty pennies. We use flour, salt, vinegar, water, and ketchup. The students make predictions and then test out their guesses.

we work on probability- we toss a penny over and over and see how many times it lands on heads and how many times it lands on tails

students measure a life size cut out of Abraham Lincoln- they use links, markers, and other items to measure Abe

This is a free lesson that can be downloaded from the TLC Lessons website.

We read the book Abe Lincoln's Hat and thought of things we would keep if we had a hat like Abraham Lincoln's.

We read the book Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers and I took pictures of all of the students dressed liked Abraham Lincoln. We used the pictures to make a graph. We made a graph for the question "Do you think Abraham Lincoln looks better with a beard or without?

Abraham Lincoln from the TLC Lessons Winter Book. There are also instructions for making George Washington.


Anonymous said...

This is incredible. I wish I had seen this last week! Well, we can always learn about the Presidents after Presidents Day as well. Your kids are so lucky.

Anonymous said...

Love the probability pennies! I do this with my kindergarteners too!

Anonymous said...

Would you please post the template for the G.W. and A.L. same shape cut out??

Mrs. Larremore said...

You can get the templates here

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