Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hip, Hip, Hooray! It's the 100th Day!

Today marked the 100th day of school. We had lots of fun 100 activities going on today and all throughout the week. We made 100 snowflakes, flying ladybugs with 100 spots, a pizza with 100 toppings, 100 day snack mix, we counted 100 lizards, and we drew what we thought we would look like if we were 100 years old. More pictures of our week's activities to come...

We bought shirts from Really Good Stuff that said "our students are 100 days smarter."

We built something using 100 objects.

We thought of things we wanted 100 of.

We read The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza and made a pizza with 100 toppings and 100 pieces of cheese.

We made a chain with 100 links. We had 10 links of 10 different colors.

We made 100th day snack mix with 10 chocolate chips, 10 fruit loops, 10 marshmallows, 10 M & M's, 10 cheerios, 10 gummi bears, 10 animal crackers, 10 pieces of popcorn, 10 Goldfish crackers, and 10 pretzels.

We made ladybugs with 100 spots.

We made 10 sets of 10 objects using Pixie in the computer lab.

We made 100 snowflakes.

We made a caterpillar that was 100 circles long and that ate 100 foods.

We painted 10 sets of 10 dots to make our 100th day crowns.

We read the book Leaping Lizards and made our own book about the leaping lizard show using 100 lizards.

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100th Day Center Ideas
dollar dig- bury 100 pennies in the sand table and they have to try and find them all- have them put them on a 100 chart or make groups of 10
100 construction- give them 100 unifix cubes to build with
100 words- give them a paper with 100 blanks, they walk around the room and fill up the list with words they know and words they find in the room
100 day snack- make your 100 day snack mix in a group, but in their center, they can sort, graph, and eat a small cup of it
Estimation station- give them 3 bags of random objects (paper clips, rubber bands, and links) have them guess which bag has exactly 100, less than 100, and more than 100- then they count each bag to check their predictions- have them use a 100 chart or group the items in sets of 10


Krileshia said...

Thank you so much for your awesome ideas! I really needed this and you really just made my planning for the 100th day that much easier. You are WONDERFUL!!!

Linda said...

Hai, my name is Linda Willemsen and I'm a teacher from Holland. I write a book with lessons for Kindergarten I saw you idea of celebrate the 100 days of school. Very nice! We don't do that in Holland. I have a question. Will you send me the original picture of the 100th Day caterpillar? So i can use it in my book! My email is Thank you!

Jennifer said...

This is so cool. Who knew you could do so many fun activities on the 100th day of school. I like the chain link activity and the snack idea. Best activity is one you can learn from and eat at the end. Thanks for sharing!

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