Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Graphing Galore!

My class loves to graph. We graph just about everything. We make individual graphs and whole group graphs. We graph in centers. We use objects, our bodies, tally marks, pictures, and photographs to graph. Shari Sloane has some great ideas for graphing and PDF's you can print from her site for individual graphing. Her web site is Look under graphs.

real object graphing- using our own bodies

we linked arms with the person beside us to show one to one and to see how many kids did not have a partner so we could see how many more were in one group than the other

jelly bean graphing

tally graphs

graphing with manipulatives

after graphing, we always analyze our graph- we look at the data we collected, we make comparisons, we count and we talk about how we can use the information we collected

fruit loop graphing

real object graphing

graphing the kind of apple we brought to school- using pictures

graphing our favorite kind of juice- using pictures of the students

graphing with Skittles

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