Saturday, January 9, 2010

Frosty Fun

"There's No Flakes Like Snow-Flakes"
We read the book Snowflake Bentley and made 100 snowflakes on the 100th day. The Snowflake Sisters by J. Patrick Lewis is also a great book to use with this activity.

"Snow Much Fun!" - we made a snowflake quilt

"Snowmen are a Little Flakey" - snowman work

a "100" cake for the 100th day

based on the book "The Jacket I Wear in the Snow"

We read the book "The Snowy Day."

I have, also, had the kids make a class book based on The Snowy Day. They made these pictures, but wrote or dictated a sentence about what they would do on a snowy day.

"Dashing Through the Snow" - a winter mural

We read The Mitten by Jan Brett. Students drew and animal on their mitten and wrote a sentence about what animal got into the mitten.


Kalani said...

Ok this is a little off topic but I saw your posts on the 50th and 100th days of the year (LOVE it btw) but do you have any ideas for the last day of school/graduation ideas?

Mrs. Larremore and her husband Mr. Larremore said...

I do have a few ideas. I will pull them out when I get back to school next week and post them. Thanks for asking!

Maro's kindergarten said...

Hi! I'm stopping by to let you know that I loved your craft and I featured it on my Snowy Day unit round-up! Come by to see the post here: I would love your feedback!